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Bottom line, if your site isn't appealing, no one's going to come back.

We are a small team with a geeky passion for digital development. We focus on creating a positive user experience without excess. Bottom line, if your site isn't appealing, no one's going to come back.

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Responsive design can be a good fit :-) This site is responsive. (It adapts to mobile device and screen size.)

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We can design and develop your mobile app | website from the ground up or simply work on updates and social media. We're ready to help.

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Technologies and toolbox: Sencha Touch, PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MooTools, .NET, C#, C++, Photoshop

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Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington
Incorporated 1998.

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We believe in giving back. We support numerous rescue organizations. Two of our favorites, Blind Dog Rescue and Red Rover.

A Bit More

EXPERTISE. We specialize in HTML5 web applications, database design and development, web site and web app design and development, site maintenance and social media marketing.

CLIENTS. Our clients range from airlines, to large credit unions, to sole proprietor businesses. We have a fun group of restaurant clientele and have worked with large movie chains, musicians, charities and non-profits.

We do great work and have fun along the way. You'll love working with us.

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Mobile / App

Movie Ticket App

app design, development, PHP, MySQL, Sencha Touch

Find a movie currently playing at the theatre near you. Purchase your ticket, receive a bar code in the app or add your tickets to Passbook. Skip the line at the theatre and use your phone to scan your tickets.

Push notifications, location services, Passbook, personalization and in-app rewards all help to drive mobile ticket sales.

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Voting App

mobile app development, PHP, MySQL, Sencha Touch, Sencha Touch Charts

The client provided some design direction, and a few application assets, like background images. We provided a solution in about a week's time that collects data from a survey webapp running on an iPad. Survey answers are saved on a MySQL server via AJAX calls to the PHP server.

  • Sencha Chart results
  • So now that the data's been collected - what to do with it? Time is short. Sencha Touch Charts to the rescue. This was our first foray using the technology, and it was very much worth the single developer license. Amazing.

Movie App

web and app design, development, PHP, MySQL, Sencha Touch

Want to see a movie? What do you want to watch? What do you like - or, more to the point, what movie have you liked? Provide a movie name to Nanocrowd and get back channels full of movies with traits in common with the movie you started with.

  • Movie Search
  • Three lists provide an easy way to navigate from one movie channel to the next. Is there a movie in the "Movies I haven't seen list" you've already watched? Use a simple gesture to budge that movie into the "Movies I've seen" list. Oops? Wrong? Easy, just swipe it back over to the original list.

Video App

web and app design, development, PHP, MySQL, Sencha Touch

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a movie clip has got to be even more revealing, right? So we put together a component that scrolls through a list of trailers provided by YouTube. It's an app unto itself, actually. A person can get lost in this feature alone. The movie trailers are animated horizontally through the YouTube player. Animation works both directions. When an interesting trailer is found simply fire it up and maybe - just maybe, that's “the one”.

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Mapping App

mobile app design, development, PHP, MySQL, Sencha Touch

We developed this web application using Sencha Touch, serving up data with PHP and MySQL. It leverages the Google Geocoding API and drops address markers onto a map. The markers are tappable and display information bubbles which contain a button that is also tappable. There are several panels, filtering mechanisms, mapping services.

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    mobile app filters

    To improve performance, a boatload of physical addresses were fed to a crawler that picked up the location's latitude and longitude. These values were then saved in a MySQL database and used by the web app to present markers on a Google map. Google map events are hooked and when they're triggered AJAX data requests are issued to the server and then processed client side.

Social Sharing App

app design, development, PHP, MySQL, Sencha Touch

The App was designed to help groups of people find something to stream online and or watch together. App has a shared chat window so anyone invited can join the conversation and all watch the same movie preview.

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